Innovators and the F-Word with Tony Wagner [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode How can we get teens to discover their innovation potential? What is the secret of educating for innovation? How much will innovation matter over the …

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How does someone who hates the idea of sky diving end up in a career as an aerial stuntman? What exactly do you have to do to lose your pilot’s license three times? What is the value of risk? In the arena of life, is it more dangerous to play it safe? Our guest today is Troy Hartman, the man with a JetPack! Troy has an amazing story, and it’s peppered with little choices that involved risks. Definitely check out the show notes today to see Troy’s JetPack videos. We showed one particular video in all of our Inventor’s Bootcamp summer camps in 2014 because he did such a great job describing the emotions and responses to risks. Let’s tune in to hear what this engineer and pilot turned stuntman has to say about risk.

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