John Westrum is the Vice President of Operations at Afinia, a division of Microboards Technology, LLC. John has been instrumental in introducing the Afinia 3D printer into the US market, and has a long-term view on products and sales with his 20+ year tenure as a VP at Microboards. John knows his business inside and out including the marketing and sales, the support and engineering, as well as the purchasing side.

Over the last two years, John has seen the interest and demand for desktop 3D printers grow into education from what had predominantly been commercial and hobbyist applications. As education demands have increased, John’s interest involvement in the workshop focuses on working with individuals and organizations to develop curriculum to support STEM initiatives utilizing 3D printers. Although John does not have a background in Education/Academics, he is impassioned with a belief that STEM is a critical part to student learning.

Today on our podcast we will be talking with Alex Huthmacher. Alex is the Manager of Network Infrastructure at 21st Century Fox where he Manages projects, configures network devices, firewalls, switches, load balancers, etc. Before working at FOX Alex was network engineer at Sandia National Laboratories where he focused on security in network integration. Alex has also worked at the Xerox data center in San Diego where he helped them migrate the infrastructure to Texas. We like to tease Alex that he can’t keep a job for longer than a year… but the reality is that with his skills, he is constantly in demand for increasingly complex positions requiring his level of expertise. With all this experience you might expect a much older man, but Alex’s determination, hands-on experience, and insatiable curiosity have served him well at his young age.