How can 3D printers be used to enhance learning? What is the role of a teacher? What doors does our digital world open to us? Today on the show we have a panel of 4 students from the Pepperdine Master of Arts in Learning Technologies or MALT as the insiders call it. We take a deep dive on the role of a teacher and the power of maker technologies in the learning environment. Listen in!

How does a teacher in a rural US school end up in an International School in Thailand? What is it like to feel the blast of a terrorist bombing? How does a teacher navigate learning during an Ebola Crisis in Nigeria? Today’s guest started his teaching career in a rural school with only 63 students and ended up teaching in the primary grades of 3 other countries across the globe. Henrique “Rico” Guerreiro shares insights into education in Americanized schools around the world has some interesting twists. Listen in to today’s podcast for the curious answers to the questions above and a great conversation about education abroad!

What is digital ethnography? How difficult is it to learn to use a 3D game creation engine? How would Maker Schools change how we do education? Why are initiation rituals a critical right of passage into a society? Speaking of rituals, today’s guest Michael Wesch advocates the adoption of some curious rituals. Keep your headphones in or your bluetooth synced up, because today’s podcast has enough quotable ideas to really stir your noodles. I won’t give any spoilers, so let’s listen in to the conversation Michael and I had recently at the Bakersfield College Learning Technologies Conference.

What happens if you sneak through a police barricade in Russia? How can you find a marathon to run in Antarctica? How does traveling help you solve problems? Don’t miss the answers in today’s podcast! Our guest today on the podcast is a self-declared “Riskologist”. We’ll let Tyler describe what he means by Riskology. By combining travel hacking, introspection, studying introversion and extroversion, he has been helping people understand why traveling expands your ability to solve problems. He explores social psychology and shares research and insights about winning at life, work, and adventure by taking smarter risks. Tyler is the Chief Riskologist at Without further adieu, Tyler Tervooren.

Who exactly are Perspicacity and Perspicuity, and why are they on our podcast? What would make an insurance claims investigator participate in renaissance fairs? If the devil is in the details, why are they so important? What can cause a classroom full of budding mathematicians gape in amazement? Speaking of world change, on the show we have an investigator who pries into the business of large corporations. Now it’s not what you might think, but I’ll let Mark tell you more about what he does.