058 – A Good Life with Brent Gill

058 – A Good Life with Brent Gill

Brent Gill- Podcast

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In This Episode

What constitutes a “good life”?  Why do some people thrive on change and variety?
What does a rancher do in his spare time?  Join us today to hear some surprising answers to those questions.

This is the podcast where we discuss the path to innovation and the good life.  Over the last year, we have spoken with lawyers, CEOs, top-tier researchers, world-class educators, and other successful individuals.  In today’s episode, we are exploring a different facet of success:  the ability to adapt.

Our guest today has tried, failed, and succeeded at more types of careers than any 10 individuals combined.  Yet, with the recent job statistics, it appears that students entering the job market in the next few years may have similar experiences.  Recently, my friend Dan Miller who has been on our podcast shared with me that the average amount of type at a given job has now dropped below 3 years!  That means that over the course of a 40 year career, today’s students are likely to have worked at more than 12 different companies!

What if these graduating students took the chance with today’s fast-changing job market to find what they truly love as they crawled their way around different opportunities?  Today’s guest shares the experiences of lifetime of different opportunities from performing weddings to being a radio personality and everything in between.  Let’s listen in to find out more about Brent Gill.

About Brent

IMG_1346Brent Gills hails from Porterville, CA.  He’s had a wide variety of jobs and life experiences over the years including Author, Rancher, Notary, Handyman, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Fire Fighter, Teacher, Auctioneer, Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant, and seasonally a Santa Claus …

Brent says, “I wear many hats. Life is most definitely GOOD.”

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What is the Purpose of an Education?

“To exercise the brain cells and to learn what skills you do have, you have to be stretching them.  You have to be using them.  You have to be struggling with how to figure out in an algebra class, What in the world does ‘x’ mean?”  —Brent Gill

“The purpose of education is to expand that brain and find out what you know and maybe learn what you don’t know and possibly, more importantly… find the drive to learn.” —Brent Gill

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Additional Notes



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Full Text Transcript – Coming Soon!

FullSizeRender(1)“We literally grew up together, and a successful life with the same woman for 50 years without being shot or thrown out–that’s a pretty good success rate!”

–Brent Gill

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