Getting Hooked on STEM with Alma Ripley

Getting Hooked on STEM with Alma Ripley

Are you hooked on STEM?  We sure are at Table Top Inventing and so is today’s podcast guest, educator Alma Ripley.  Join us as Alma and I discuss the use of STEM, project based learning, and her involvement with the STEM Trajectory Initiative.

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Alma is a long time educator who has served in both public and private schools.  She is currently an administrator at Carlos Rey Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she founded the STEM Trajectory Initiative.  Alma will share how she came up with the Initiative idea, how it incorporates the current standards, and how it helps students from various backgrounds succeed.  We’ll hear about all of the exciting projects the students are getting to participate in… rockets, high altitude balloon launches, and STEM Day field trips to name a few!  If you have ever considered bringing STEM into your school, or are looking for ideas, this is the podcast for you!

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