Clearing Things Up with PodClear

Clearing Things Up with PodClear

Join us for today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast episode with the team at PodClear. PodClear is what we podcasters have been waiting for!!  It’s a podcasting app that records both sides of a conversation to cut down on audio glitches.  The PodClear team, made up of Hannah Russell Goodson, Spencer Handley, and Josh Lankford share the story of how their company started by accident during a road trip and their experience with completely bootstrapping a fast growing company!  

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You’ve heard us talk about Inventor’s Bootcamp, but you might not really know what it is all about. Inventor’s Bootcamp is the Holy Grail of summer activities. Our premium tech experience gives parents a break, with total peace of mind, knowing their teens are in a safe environment learning things that excite them while also giving them the skills to become tomorrow’s world changers. It’s four action-packed days of 3D printing, computer programming, design, and inventing.

What makes us different? We value each attendee’s unique strengths and calling. As a result, we offer several learning options to enhance each individual’s experience. Our attendees walk away with more than just STEM knowledge. We show teens how to teach themselves so that learning becomes a fun, lifelong process. 

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our new video to see what campers are saying about Inventor’s Bootcamp:


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.33.29 PM

 Are you ready to experience the thrill of seeing your invention come to life? No technical experience is necessary. Go to the links below and begin your teen’s journey to becoming an icon of innovation today!


Keep On Innovating!

Steve Kurti

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