Robotics and Comedy with Gray Bright

Robotics and Comedy with Gray Bright

Be sure to listen in to today’s episode on the Table Top Inventing Podcast with guest Gray Bright. Gray is a robotics engineer who does stand up comedy!  He’ll tell us about the late night talk show for science and tech that he’s developing called the Tomorrow Show.  We’ll chat about how tech is becoming more accepted and not just for geeks anymore.  Gray will explain how he got his start with engineering as a kid, always making things that had a fun element to them and how he still walks around with Legos in his pocket today!

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Do you live in the Mammoth Lakes, CA area?  Come hang out with us and our friends at the Mammoth Lakes Library for two awesome events!  

On  April 17th we’ll be putting on “Making Sense of #MakerEd”, an intensive one-day workshop for educators.  We will cover the basics of maker education including pedagogy, technology, and practical implementation.  You’ll get to explore and understand the terms “makerspace”, “maker movement”, and “maker education”.  This dynamic, fun, and engaging workshop connects both frontline maker culture and a relevant perspective for educators from Mono and surrounding counties.

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Join us for the first Inventor’s Bootcamp of the year at the Mammoth Lakes Library April 20th- April 23rd!  Teens and educators will enjoy four action-packed days of 3D printing, computer programming, building, designing, creating, inventing, & learning with peers!!  It will be a week of high tech fun in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet!  

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