An Arduino Monsterbot

An Arduino Monsterbot

monsterbotI know a fun project when I see one! I came across this Monsterbot on MAKE Magazine this week and am definitely adding it to my “Things to Make” file. You need the following items: 

  • Hot Pink Faux Fur
  • Purple PLA Filament
  • Pink Cardstock 100#
  • 9g Micro Servo (2)
  • Arduino UNO (1)
  • NeoPixels (1)
  • M3 x 10mm Machine Screws (4)
  • M3 Hex Nut (4)
  • StarTech PC Screws (8)
  • 1/4 Inch Screw Posts (12)
  • 1/2 Inch Screw Posts (2)
  • Ping Pong Ball (1)

Once you’ve gathered that all up, there are detailed instructions for how to construct your little creature. I bet it won’t take long before makers are creating their own variations on this guy. If you build one, post your pictures here in the comments or email it to me and we’ll start a monster gallery!


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