071 – Finding Resonance with Dr. Steve Kurti

071 – Finding Resonance with Dr. Steve Kurti

Finding Resonance with Dr. Steve Kurti

“Education is something that happens IN the mind.  It isn’t something that happens TO the mind.” –Steve Kurti 

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In This Episode

  • Do you have teenagers?
  • We often think of teenagers as difficult or challenging, but is it possible that they are really the most innovative members of our society?
  • How much could a teenager create if they had the right tools?
  • Join us today as we discuss the potential in those wonderful years of teenagerhood.

WARNING! This is a listener advisory. The word “amazing” is over used in this podcast and will have to be retired from the English language after being so overworked in this episode.

Today’s podcast is going to be a little unusual, but not in the way you might think. I’m not going to let you in on the surprise just yet. Instead I’m going to share one of my favorite quotes by George Bernard Shaw.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

I’ve always wondered a little bit if I’m unreasonable because I’ve always tried to remold the world to suit me better or to match how I think the world SHOULD operate. Mostly this drives my wife crazy, and I get misunderstood a lot. However with the help of some friends in my mastermind group, I’m starting to get better at clarifying what we do and why.

The suggestions of my friends actually inspired this episode of the Table Top Inventing podcast. So here is the secret: Today’s guest is me! Well, that’s not the only secret, the host for today is a former guest of the show, Jody Maberry!

Jody and I hit it off so well in our interview that he and I started talking regularly. Jody is a great guy, he hosts two other podcasts, “The Park Leaders” podcast and the “Creating Disney Magic” podcast with Lee Cockerell, the former EVP for Walt Disney World in Florida.

If you want to give your teenager an opportunity to find a new level of curiosity and drive to discovery, you need to know about the Resonance Innovation Fellowship.

This next year we will be taking a select group of 10-15 teens on a journey of self-discovery, deep intellectual curiosity, and innovation leadership. This is not a club, social gathering, or homework tutoring. The students in the Resonance Innovation Fellowship will be on a quest to find impact and world-change through the backdrop of technology.



Don’t wonder about the future. Email us, and we’ll help you create it!

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Guest Bio

Steve loves to make things!  The things he makes are sometimes useful and sometimes playful.  He can’t imagine a life without being able to make things.  A couple of years ago, he started to use a cool new technology called “3D printing”.  He became so excited about this platform for making things that he just had to help other people learn how to use it too!  So he did what any self-respecting American would do, he decided to ask his wife Debby to help him start a business so they could support their habit of helping others move from consuming to creating.

Steve has actually been using 3D design software, physical computing, and computer programming for about 15 years.  He never used 3D design alone to make a living, but whenever he had a project that needed a 3D model, he would go to the 3D CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software and build something. For example, when a goat barn was needed, Steve pulled out Google Sketch-up, designed it up, and put everyone to work on the construction process. Now the goats are nice and cozy at night!

As a maker and a research scientist — he can’t help his PhD past — he has the quintessential “absent minded professor” thing going on, and fortunately for him, Debby brings a strong organization and social intuition to their business.  Just as he has been a maker all my life, his wife has been an educator all her life.  In fact (don’t tell her he actually said this), she used to line up her stuffed animals on the bed and have “class”!  She’s added a few more credentials to those skills over the years, including a Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership.  Here are the “official” LinkedIn pages with their academic backgrounds, in case you were wondering: [Debby] [Steve]

Steve and Debby keep themselves busy by chasing around their 5 kids (well, actually it’s 8 but the oldest three don’t require much chasing anymore).  They enjoy making things together with their kids, and working on projects.  They have a couple of budding artists, a couple of young engineers, and a couple who take care of our little ranch which includes 4 dogs, 5 cats, 4 goats, and about 15 chickens.  They like lots of techy stuff as well as camping, hiking, road trips, and hanging out with their friends.  

Steve was recently interviewed by Scott Barlow of the Happen to Your Career podcast in one of their most popular episodes. It was a great conversation. Listen in below:

HTYC089_600 - Steve Interview089 Invent Your Path to Fulfillment with Steve Kurti

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Additional Notes

Guest Host – Jody Mayberry

The African teenager who made a windmill from used bicycle parts:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (book):

Easton LaChapelle’s Journey:

Unlimited Tomorrow (Easton’s Company):

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Text Transcript 

“The purpose of an education is to open our minds to the other possibilities out there. I think what education does is that it allows us to see that there is more, and the more you learn, the more you realize there is to know. I think the purpose of an education is to open up our minds to the point where we can have as big a playing field as we want.” –Steve Kurti

“Education is something that happens IN the mind. It isn’t something that happens TO the mind.” –Steve Kurti

“Education is really a frame of mind. It’s a place you go in your head, and if you take that idea with you to college, you get a great education. You take that into life then life becomes your great education.” –Steve Kurti

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