How exactly does an artist find their way into Bacteriology? How are gratitude and Top Fuel dragsters related? What truly drives us at Table Top Inventing? What is the difference between useful and meaningful information? Here today to talk about science, curiosity, and creativity is our guest Liz Heinecke, the Kitchen Pantry Scientist.

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How does a classroom Knucklehead become the Teacher of the Year? From the perspective of a statewide Teacher of the Year, what skills create the best teachers? What is the relationship between Teaching and Learning? What lessons can a teenager learn from 100,000 volts?! Do small children really make the best scientists? Listen in to today’s podcast to learn the answers to these and other fascinating questions.

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How does one start as a computer programmer and end up as a lawyer? How is a deeper perspective on history related to Maker Education? What is the difference between seeing the Mona Lisa on a website and seeing it in the Louvre? Our guest this week, Geoff Wiggs, has a few things to say about that. I also have a little bit of a “Don’t try this at home” story in the Great Inventor’s Secrets section. This is an official listener advisory message: Today’s podcast is not for the faint of heart. The material is top-notch, but prepare your sensibilities.

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It has been a couple of weeks since I have attended the Annual CUE conference, and I’m finally having the time to process all of the learning that occurred. This was my first experience with the CUE conference, and my …

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