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Why Innovation Academy?

Innovation is quickly becoming the most important skill your child needs.  We are facing unprecedented challenges, and our kids are inheriting a different world from our own. Innovation Academy is a completely different kind of educational experience focusing on Ten Core Innovation Habits:

0. Take Responsibility…   completely
1. Solve Problems…   proactively
2. Take Action…   immediately
3. Work Hard…   consistently
4. Take Risks…   often
5. Embrace Failure…   thoughtfully
6. Develop GRIT…   willingly
7. Remain Positive…   diligently
8. Collect Wisdom…   continuously
9. Pursue Excellence…   intentionally

These habits build on each other starting with #0 (yes, it starts with “0” because it is a prerequisite for all the others). Innovators like Elon Musk and Richard Branson are using these habits (specifically 1-5) to drive positive change. Our programs are developed by a PhD physicist and an educational technologist with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience. Join us to experience the Innovation Academy Difference.

Why IA? | What is a Specialty Program? | Curious Kids Tech Tracks | Ages | Location | Cost & Comparison | Schedule | Registration

What is a Specialty Program?

This year we are excited to be selected as a Specialty Program for Inspire Charter School students. Are you looking for an all-around hands-on STEM program? We offer a two-day drop-off program in conjunction with our Curious Kids Tech tracks.  In addition to the classes, we offer innovation lab times for students to continue exploring hands-on topics from the current classes at their own pace, more capable peer time (homework help), a Fitness4Life catalyst to encourage health, and a book club to encourage reading for curiosity.


Why IA? | What is a Specialty Program? | Curious Kids Tech Tracks | Ages | Location | Cost & Comparison | Schedule | Registration

Curious Kids Tech Tracks

Introductory Engineering (K-5)

Young minds need loads of new experiences to push and grow. Students grow brain cells by using their hands to explore gears and levers, simple machines, sensors, robots, and a host of other tech topics.

Introductory Science (K-5)

Science is a subject shrouded in mystery, but it is really just curiosity guided by a system called the “scientific method”. We will explore many different hands-on science experiments, but at the core, we will learn how to apply the scientific method at every turn. It will be a blast (hopefully not literally!).

Creative Tech and Science (K-5 & 6-12)

Young innovators and designers find new inspiration and excitement using technology as a tool in the design process. We explore electronic textiles, art in 3D, math in art, upcycled technology, and other intersections between the worlds of art and technology.

Everyday Science and Engineering (K-5 & 6-8)

Your growing young innovator is curious about all those devices around the house and everywhere else in their world. By exposing the inner workings of everyday life like network routers, chemistry in the kitchen, internet connected widgets, the insides of devices, and other everyday things, young innovators begin forming maps in the brain for how their world works.

Advanced Technology (6-12)

The teen brain is one of the most agile, powerful processing platforms on the planet. In fact, their brain is 25% faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer! In Advanced Technology, we take teens on journeys into drone hacking, coding/apps, using Linux, games for geeks, and other topics where engaging deeply uncovers new universes.

Advanced Science (6-12)

Science is so much more than ideas in a book. We will do hands-on experiments and explore many different techniques used to isolate the core idea in each. Above all, we will learn that science, just like every other subject, is created by people and hence malleable to new discoveries and novel ideas.

Curious Kids Tech Series and Specialty Program


Classes will be held at the Pinon Hills Community Center in Pinon Hills.


The individual Curious Kids classes are available for students in K-12th grade. The Specialty Program and Full-Day options are for children in 1st-12th grades.

Why IA? | What is a Specialty Program? | Curious Kids Tech Tracks | Ages | Location | Cost & Comparison | Schedule | Registration


When you join our Inspire Specialty Program you are allocating most of your enrichment funds for the year. If your Curious Kids are into the science and technology, our program is a great value. If you just want to join our classes individually you can do that with your enrichment certificates.

Specialty Program students will receive $500 in enrichment funds that they can use for additional classes, curriculum choices, field trips, and other educational activities and resources.

Specialty Program students will have access to the Inspire Charter School lending library of resources and curriculum. In addition, they receive free subscriptions to two online resources, including:

Adobe Creative Cloud
BrainPop Flocabulary
Grammarly IXL Kids Discover Online
Mango Languages
MobyMax Mystery Science Prodigy
Reading Eggs / Math Seeds
Shmoop Time4Learning

Typing Club


High School students will be able to use their additional funds for ChoicePlus Academy Courses and a variety of approved A-G Curriculum options. We will be submitting the Curious Kids courses for approval as elective credit and several of the courses may meet A-G course articulation goals with some additional assignments submitted to the Inspire teacher.

Why IA? | What is a Specialty Program? | Curious Kids Tech Tracks | Ages | Location | Cost & Comparison | Schedule | Registration


So how does the specialty program compare to taking individual classes, or the one or two day options without being enrolled in the specialty program? Something like the chart below (click here for spreadsheet version):

Specialty Program Comparison Chart - click the picture for a spreadsheet view

The individual, one-day, and two-day options are available to all area students. We accept purchase orders/certificates from many CA charter schools as well as payment from independent homeschoolers.

Why IA? | What is a Specialty Program? | Curious Kids Tech Tracks | Ages | Location | Cost & Comparison | Schedule | Registration


The Curious Kids Specialty Program will offer 12 hours a week of specialized instruction, inspiration, and innovation. Classes will be offered in a 6-week sessions from September through May, with a week or two off in between sessions to allow for maximum flexibility for homeschool families. Weekly activities will fall into these categories:

  • Developing New Skills: Curious Kids Classes. Our classes are designed for hands-on exploration of the world as well as for individual pacing and learning. We select technical and creative topics with relevant technology and deliver in a project-based learning format.
  • Prototyping and Skill Practice: Tinker Labs. Time for students to apply the concepts learned in class or to work on an idea they have.
  • Research and Productivity: Study Labs. Time set aside for writing, thinking, and getting stuff done (homework, writing projects, reading, researching, etc).
  • Free Association: Outdoor Play. Playing is one of the 13 habits of geniuses listed in the book “Sparks of Genius” by Bernstein and Bernstein.
  • Genius Hour: Big Ideas Club. Every week, we will spend time together learning from big thinkers by reading their big ideas.
  • Data Sharing: Teacher Consultations. Once or twice a session, we are setting aside time for parents and students to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with our teachers. Of course, we encourage parents to connect with us anytime they have a question or concern.

[Session 01 Class Descriptions]

Fall 2018 - Session 1 - Curious Kids Specialty Program Schedule

Why IA? | What is a Specialty Program? | Curious Kids Tech Tracks | Ages | Location | Cost & Comparison | Schedule | Registration


Enrollment in the Curious Kids Specialty Program is limited to Inspire Charter School enrolled students. Inspire is a WASC-accredited, free public charter school. You must enroll your student directly with Inspire and provide the records, forms and waivers required by a public charter school in the state of California. 

You must register with Inspire AND Innovation Academy to complete your child’s registration. Your child will not be enrolled in classes at IA if you do not complete the IA registration.

We can accept students into the full-day program from other charters or independent homeschools on a space available basis. Individual Curious Kids Tech Classes are open enrollment and can be registered for on our Homeschool page.

All Students: Ready to enroll? Complete the Registration Form. More questions? Go to the Interest Form.

New Inspire Students: Enroll Here. You will be asked to upload our Specialty Program Enrollment certificate. Download the PDF copy here.

Returning Inspire Students: Contact your teacher to enroll in the Innovation Academy Specialty Program.

Please note – completing the registration form does NOT guarantee a spot in the program. We have a limited number of spaces available and will do our absolute best to accommodate as many students as possible. We want to ensure the best possible experiences for all of our students and strive to keep student-teacher ratios low.



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