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Have you have ever suspected your child could stand out from the pack if only they had the right guidance and mentoring? Yes! Then read on.

Innovation Academy is known for impactful one-week innovation tech camps. Their new student entrepreneurial group takes student innovation and mentoring to a whole new level!

The Startup Challenge is not some course, “system”, or social club. It is unlike anything you have seen before. In this fellowship, your child will get weekly intense, no-holds-barred interaction and feedback from Dr. Steve Kurti, a PhD physicist and entrepreneur.

Who Should Apply?

High school students aiming for leadership in science, technology, engineering, and math.

What is it?

The Startup Challenge is a one year project designed to take teens on a journey of self-discovery, deep learning, collaborative action, and leadership training. Weekly video calls and inventor study hall hours provide consistent feedback, while face-to-face events foster strong relationships and enhance learning.

To achieve fellowship, students successfully complete a project even a competent scientist, engineer, or entrepreneur would be proud to exhibit. The project will intertwine technical learning and personal development to form deeply individualized learning.

When Will Students Attend?

Students are asked to budget time for the weekly 1.5 hr video call (time TBD when group forms) as well as 3-6 hours a week to collaborate, work on their project, and invest in personal development. There are also three face-to-face events planned in August, November, and April spanning three-four days each.

Where will it be?

The weekly calls will occur via video conferencing and face-to-face events in California.

Why the Startup Challenge?

One of the biggest mistakes high school students make is relying solely on grades to get into the University of their choosing. High grades alone do not cut it anymore. A Capstone project will make your child stand out in a stack of straight “A” transcripts.

Along the way, your child will work with a like-minded group of gifted peers. Together, they will support and encourage each other to create excellent and elegant solutions. Combined with mentoring and guidance from a Ph.D. physicist, your student will learn to accomplish outstanding results across a lifetime.



Still Need More Information?

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Listen to the podcast below to hear an interview with Dr. Kurti about the Innovation Academy.



Innovation Academy Leadership Team

In our work with teens, we have discovered effective technology education requires a tight integration of both technical expertise AND teaching pedagogy.  Tech-focused teens want to dive into technology head first, and having a strong tech mentor at hand to guide them accelerates learning.  On the other hand, technology education is often taught in a heavy-handed approach, but to be most effective, learning must be motivated by the student — requiring the deft insights of a master educator.  Here are the key members of our team.

Dr. R. Steven Kurti, Ph.D.
Deborah Kurti, M.Ed.


Innovation Academy Advisors and Contributors

To augment our expertise at the Innovation Academy Startup Challenge, we have engaged the minds of a few top-notch professionals in fields from cognitive development to computer programming.  We all know technology is constantly changing, but our understanding of cognitive development also continues to evolve every year.  Just a few years ago, the common research-supported view was that intelligence remained constant across a lifetime.  We now know that every neuron in the brain is replaced more than once in a lifetime.  The mind is much more flexible and capable of growth than we thought possible.  To fully take advantage of the immense cognitive power in teens, we have asked a number of trusted colleagues who are experts in their fields to advise us on different aspects of the Resonance Innovation Fellowship process.

Kristin Barbour, Cognitive Specialist
Dr. Jennifer Brenton, Strategic Insights and Expert Parent
Dr. Eric Hennigan, Deep Digital Discernment
Alex Huthmacher, Career Strategy and Innovation Mentor
Hope Schaefer, Parent Perspective Advisor
Jonathan Silk, Leadership and Design Thinking
Dr. David Thornburg, Pedagogy and Tech Integration
Dr. Rachel Winston, College Planning Strategy


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