Don’t let 2016 sneak up on you

October is almost over and 2015 is edging to a close.  Do you or your kids have regrets from 2015? Don’t have regrets in 2016–listen to this week’s podcast:

Goals not planned and written down are twice as likely to be tossed aside with time.  Ask me how I know…  I’ve been on a steady path to reforging a life that I enjoy.  In fact, you are reading this email as a result of goals and plans for 2015.

This week Carol Topp, a speaker and coach for teens discusses her experience helping teens with a common goal they express:  starting a small business.  Carol likes to call this a “microbusiness” because, as she says, “Anyone can start a ‘microbusiness’ because it doesn’t feel very big.”  Find out how in this week’s episode.

Let’s be ready for 2016,


PS – Carol also discusses shadowing, interning, and other great goals for your kids in 2016.

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Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now that I have that out... I can get to work. For as long as I can remember, I have been making things. This habit used to be called "Inventing" but has lately been repurposed by the Maker community with the term "Maker". While there are some subtle differences between Inventing and Making, I have discovered my passion for both by inspiring a new generation of Makers. In this quest to spark creative thinking and problem solving through practical and exciting projects, I draw on my background in biomedical research, high energy fiber laser development, and 15 years of building laboratory devices. As an experimental physicist with a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, I have seen research and development from many angles and am now bringing that experience to middle school and high school students who want to make everything from catapults to cybernetic augmentations. Through the medium of Making and Inventing, students are transformed from passive observers of education to active learners. This powerful shift fosters deep insights, creative expression, collaborative thinking and a host of other skills that are difficult to learn in traditional settings. Along with my wife Debby, an accomplished constructivist educator, I am on a quest to transform education and am looking for like-minded collaborators to bring hands-on learning to future generations.

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