Wisdom and Craftsmanship with Jim McKinley

If you or your kids are interested in small business, pull up a chair and listen in for some timeless advice from today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest, Jim McKinley. Jim has been in the same family business for over 50 years, making custom accessories for trucks. He’ll share with us the ups and downs, experiences, and lessons he has learned along the way.

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Jim, along with his brother Bob, run McWelco Products, a well known company here in southern California, especially in the construction and service industries. The business was started by their dad as a small machine shop originally and now makes a variety of high end truck boxes and racks. Jim shares that customers find the quality and craftsmanship of a McWelco product keeps their tools safe and that it often lasts longer than the truck! He proudly shares that his source of inspiration for innovation and the business wisdom often comes from listening to his customers. Jim has a little saying that probably applies to more than just his customers: “If you don’t listen to your customers, your customers won’t listen to you.”

Get today’s episode at http://InventingPodcast.com

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