Innovation and Openness with Lisa Camp

Innovation and Openness with Lisa Camp

In today’s world, we already have the internet, smartphones, and lots of other cool stuff, but do you ever wonder where the next big idea is going to come from?  We’ll find out what Case Western Reserve University (My alma mater for graduate school!) is doing to foster and support innovation and ideas during today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast interview with Lisa Camp.  Join us as we discuss her life path, the importance of higher education, and how openness is key to innovation.

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Lisa, who joins us from Cleveland Ohio, is currently the Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives in Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and has also co-authored a book called “End of Academic Freedom”.  Lisa will take us down her path from growing up in a small town in southern Ohio, to her work with Case Western, helping faculty find funding and support for their ideas.  She and I will discuss all of the cool things Case Western is doing to support innovation. Lisa will tell us about ThinkBox, an idea space that can be used by anyone from students to community members and the Innovation Summit coming up at the end of October.  Listen in to learn how the free exchange of ideas across different disciplines is key to making innovation happen!

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P.S.  TTI would like to give a shout out to all of the awesome participants on Monday’s edWeb Webinar.  Thank you for joining us!

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