Strange Rituals with Michael Wesch!

Strange Rituals with Michael Wesch!

Today on the Table Top Inventing Podcast, we are speaking with education rock star Michael Wesch!! Michael is a professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University and is currently studying 3D game engines to capture stories which are fading from our societal memories.  We discuss video games, storytelling, rites of passage (strange rituals), maker schools and more!  Be sure to subscribe and join us for today’s episode.

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Speaking of maker schools, we will be co-facilitating on a hands-on online MakerSpace Camp, in partnership with The Educator Collaborative!  On March 29th and 30th from 5-8pm EST, you can join other creative educators and explore the world of the Maker Movement, Makerspaces, and truly engaging STEAM instruction with us!  This is for dabbling beginners and advanced practitioners.  If you hold kids at the core of your teaching, this is the event for you!

You will even have the opportunity to make something – it wouldn’t be a proper “Maker” conference without that, right?  Keynote speakers include Laura Flemming (a previous podcast guest) and Troy Hicks. Public registration is now open, so check out the link below.  It will be an opportunity to learn more about maker education and its role in your school.  Be sure to share this with all of your innovative, and creative teacher friends!!

MakerSpace Camp:


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