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Hey TTI Friends,

I’d hate for you to miss the best kept secret in the educational world.  This secret will not be quiet for long, and you can be the first to introduce it in your school.  Laura Fleming will be helping us unpack the power of makerspaces and revealing the simple steps to create your own makerspace.  Don’t miss this podcast, and subscribe in iTunes because we’ve got more innovative educators, professionals, and insights for your classroom in the coming weeks.


We are also offering for the first time ever on Laura’s podcast page, our makerspace trilogy.  We negotiated with the Teacher Librarian journal to allow us to share these articles with our mailing list free of charge.  In addition to the trilogy, we’re offering our “Starting a Makerspace Cheatsheet” to anyone who leaves us a review in iTunes this week.  Just copy your review into an email and send it to to get the cheatsheet.


Keep on Innovating,

 Steve Kurti

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