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Have you thought about starting a project or learning a new skill this year but aren’t sure how to go about it?  Should you take a class, grab a book, or just start tinkering around?  Would you like to hear from some folks that have been down that road?  Join us on the Table Top Inventing Podcast and discover the possibilities with self education and makerspaces!
Feature Episode
Today’s podcast is with Ben Meredith, a self taught WordPress Plugin Programer and website handyman.  Ben will tell us how he went from being a music director to finding his passion with coding for WordPress.  Ben decided 10 years out of college to teach himself how to code, mostly using free resources on the web.  He was fascinated by open source code and the ramifications for web-development.  Today Ben loves what he does running  Make sure to swing by and check out Ben’s services.


Next week on the TTI Podcast….

If you have a makerspace or are in the planning stages of setting one up, you should definitely listen in to the TTI Podcast next week for my interview with Laura Fleming.  Laura is the Library Media Specialist for grades 9-12 at New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ.  Laura shares how she went about setting up the school’s makerspace in a little used section of the library and designing a place where there is often standing room only.  She also discusses how she picked out the themes and set up different kinds of stations. Laura explains that there isn’t a right way or a wrong way to design a makerspace.  You just have to start.

Learn more about Laura and the book she has coming out called “Worlds of Making, Best Practices for Establishing a Makerspace for Your School”  on her blog at:

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Pepperdine MALT Maker Day
Table Top Inventing will be hanging out this Thursday with the MALT graduate students during their winter face to face meetings, sharing with them the fun of 3D printing, arduino, and other maker technologies while discussing the more serious topics of pedagogy, philosophy, and practical applications in today’s academic environments.
Cool Lego Projects
Legos are a great way for kids to get started in a Makerspace.  Any student can walk in and create something right away.  As the kids gain experience, you can increase the complexity with different kinds of Legos.  Here are a couple of ideas from to get things started!
What do you have in your makerspace?
We’d love to know what you’ve included in your makerspace.  Just comment on this post and tell us more.  We’ll share everyone’s ideas in an upcoming newsletter.
Happy Making!
Steve and Debby Kurti

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