Table Top Inventing is “Making Sense of Maker Ed” at the ISTE 2014

“Making Sense Of Maker Ed” at ISTE 2014

Debby’s Monday poster session on “Making sense of Maker Ed” at the ISTE 2014 was a huge hit!  Debby chatted with participants about the STEAM education process and how having students plan and make projects works to instill critical thinking and deeper confidence in them.  You can check out her ISTE resource page and get a link to the blinky light kits she handed out to participants at the resource link below.

ISTE 2014 Resource Page




Inventor’s Bootcamp is headed to Chattanooga, TN July 7-10

Are you a teen or teacher in the Chattanooga area or know some one that is that’s interested in making their summer more exciting?   TTI’s Inventor’s Bootcamp is headed to Chattanooga,TN July 7-10th.  It will be held at St. Pauls’ Episcopal Church on 305 West Seventh Street, Chattanooga from 9:00am to 4:00pm for students and 9:00am to 5:00pm for teachers.  Teens, don’t miss this chance to meet other students and learn about Arduino, 3D printing, and 3D design in a fun and competitive learning environment.  Teachers- This is your chance to learn how to bring maker education into your classroom!  Next stop will be Atlanta, GA (July 14-18), then Murphy, NC (July 24-29) and Thousand Oaks, CA (August 19-22).  Sign up link below.



Register here for an Inventor’s Bootcamp!



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