We are up here in Seattle having tons of fun hosting the #NCCE2014 Makerspace Garage! We’ve talked with some really interesting people and had the chance to learn what they are interested in. One of the coolest parts of the conference has been hanging out with the 7th and 8th graders from Amazing Grace Christian School. They are at the conference to showcase some of the cool things they are doing with technology. In between all of that, they are hanging out in our makerspace learning about 3D printing and Arduino electronics. The awesome thing is that they are showing others what they know! 

Another fun idea (inspired by Five Guys hamburgers!) has been to have people write down something they like to make or would like to make and then pin it to our booth. The trusses are filling up fast! I can’t wait to see what people post there today!

Off to another day of fun and making things… on the docket today… TREBUCHETS!

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2 comments on “#NCCE2014
  1. Clark says:

    Can you post what some of the ideas are that people want to make?

    • Debby says:

      Absolutely! I kept all of the cards and I’ll make a collage when I get home so I can post it. All sorts of GREAT ideas! Also… everyone was THRILLED about the bugs and the video. There’s a bunch of folks that you should contact 😀

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