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WRI3D – 3D Printing & Education News
Winter 2013 Class - Recycled Car

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As Seen on TV (or YouTube)!

Windy Ridge Innovation on the Road

As Seen on YouTube!I feel like this should be our motto! Every time we set up a demonstration, people say “Wow, I’ve seen that on TV but never in real life… that’s amazing!” It really does make a difference to see a 3D printer in action, to touch the filament, to play with the things we’ve printed. Think what a difference it will make to the kids when they see their ideas become tangible objects in the real world!

The past few weeks have been interesting, exciting, and a bit over the top! We started off at CUE in Palm Springswith an overwhelming reception for our first time out. Next we were invited to the Conejo Unified School District Tech Fair where we had an opportunity to talk about 3D printing to local educators and community members. This past week we traveled to Santa Barbara Office of Education to celebrate dedicated educators as they showcased awesome projects they’ve done in the classroom. Need a class project about the Zombie Apocalypse that incorporates all sorts of standards? We know who to put you in contact with!

The best part about all of these meetups is getting a chance to talk to innovative educators about their ideas. We love to ask them “What would you do if you had a 3D printer in your classroom?” We get all sorts of answers – from Angry Birds physics units to math based rocket ship projects, from building molecules to structuring DNA sequences, from discovering art and architecture to creating customized manipulatives for primary grades and special needs students… and so many more! Really, the only limit is your imagination 🙂

Next up… a STEM night event at a great school just down the road. If you are in the Victorville area, come visit us atQuail Valley Middle School next Friday, May 10th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. WRI3D was invited to participate in this event. Dinner will be sold beginning at 5:30 pm. Come see presentations and hands-on activities from Michael Laine – The Space Elevator Guy, Astronomers with their telescopes, San Bernardino County Fire and Sheriffs, Bright Source & First Solar, Women in Mining, NASA, Cal Tech University, Victor Valley College, Mojave Environmental Education Consortium, student work on the Scientific Revolution, and, of course, WRI3D with our 3D printers and projects. Let us know if you can make it!

Conejo USD Technology Fair


Thousand Oaks, CA – Sharing 3D printing with teachers and community members at the Conejo Unified School District technology fair. We met LOTS of great people with LOTS of cool ideas!

Getting Started with 3D Printing

What to Consider Before You Jump In

Investing in a printer is a big decision and there are so many options to choose from right now. How do you know which one is best? Start by asking yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Am I going to have more fun building the printer, or printing things?
  2. What’s my budget?
  3. How consistent is the printer, and what’s the quality of the prints?
  4. How fast can my printer print? (while keeping quality of prints up and costs down)
  5. What is the ongoing cost of filament and supplies?

Some printers are easy to set up, but use expensive and proprietary filament. Other printers are inexpensive to buy up front but require that you build them or do extensive setup before being able to use. After considering the questions above, we felt the Afinia H-Series printer was the best option for school and home use. It sets up quickly right out of the box with a minimum amount of work and the materials costs are one of the lowest we’ve found. Better yet, you can use filament from any source as long as the dimensions are correct (1.75mm). We have been very impressed with the durability of the machines, the print quality, and the overall ease of use.

There are lots of great reasons that MAKE Magazine,WIRED, and C|Net have all given this printer high recommendations! Are you ready to try one out? Give us a call!


3D Printed Straw Sculptures

3D Printed Connectors and a Box of Straws

One of the really great things about 3D printing is the ability to create unique items on the spot. Here is a great little project that won’t take long to print but should lead to hours of fun and creativity!


There are several variations and shapes listed in the “Related” section. If you make an awesome sculpture with these, send us a picture and we might feature it in the next newsletter 🙂

WRI3D Upcoming Events

This is where we will be showcasing 3D printing next – come visit!

Let us know if you want to meet up at any of these locations. We’d love to see you again!

Filament Clips

Our resident mad scientist, Steve, got tired of filament unwinding all over the place. We tried some of the clips on Thingiverse but nothing was quite right so he designed his own. These work great! Feel free to download, print, and use! 🙂




Grant Info

Want 3D in your classroom but need funding? Let us know what you are thinking and we’ll do our best to help you get those grants!

Ideas?!Questions about 3D printing? Interested in workshops and events? Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you engage your students through 3D printing and interactive learning!

Have a creative week!

Steve & Debby Kurti

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