Month: October 2015

Don’t let 2016 sneak up on you

October is almost over and 2015 is edging to a close.  Do you or your kids have regrets from 2015? Don’t have regrets in 2016–listen to this week’s podcast: Goals not planned and written down are twice as likely

059 – Teen Microbusiness with Carol Topp

This is the podcast where we discuss success and innovation for teenagers. No spoiler alerts today, but if you are interested in teenagers getting a jump start, stay locked in here!

On the podcast we discuss an alternative to our modern conundrum of how to keep teens engaged in meaningful education. Carol Topp is an Engineer turned accountant–I know that’s an unusual shift. In the last few years, she has worked with many teens in her accounting practice, helping them structure what she likes to call a “microbusiness”. The experiences and learning that occurs in a microbusiness can be a great catalyst toward adding significance to the otherwise “dry learning” teens dread. Let’s find out more about Carol’s experience and explore some new possibilities.

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What media isn’t telling you about living the good life

Are you worried your teenagers are missing out on the good life?  Do you find yourself wondering when they’re going to stop complaining and start living? You aren’t alone, but what can be done?  No matter how hard you try

058 – A Good Life with Brent Gill

This is the podcast where we discuss the path to innovation and the good life. Over the last year, we have spoken with lawyers, CEOs, top-tier researchers, world-class educators, and other successful individuals. In today’s episode, we are exploring a different facet of success: the ability to adapt.

Today’s guest shares the experiences of lifetime of different opportunities from performing weddings to being a radio personality and everything in between. Let’s listen in to find out more about Brent Gill.

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057 – Second Chances with Corey Howard

Students who struggle with math in middle school stand at a crossroads, and watch as career options slowly erode. Do you know any of those students? Have you ever personally felt the frustration of math limbo?

Today’s podcast is an opportunity for a second chance. In fact, we hear second chance stories on our podcast quite frequently. If you know a teenager or a parent with a teen who needs a second math chance, subscribe to the TTI podcast in iTunes and share it with others.

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Why mere talk is NOT enough

As you can see I have inserted a photo of girls engaged in technology at the top of this email. Why have I done this? It’s because I want to tell you about a fantastic lady who didn’t get opportunities

056 – Girls, Policy, and Technology with Julia Fallon

This is the podcast where we talk innovation. Today’s guest is working to influence educational technology in Washington state. We delve in pretty deep to civic responsibility from the perspective of education as well as having girls in science, technology, engineering, and math. Which reminds me of a quote I saw the other day on a t-shirt:

Some girls like to chase boys. I just like to pass them!

Our guest today discovered in college that she loved computing and technology after getting politely pushed in other directions in high school. Julia Fallon is working with Educational Technology and Teaching Excellence in Washington state. She has a heart for helping students reach their full potential and for successful integration of technology into classrooms. Let’s find out more about Julia’s story.

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Wisdom and Craftsmanship with Jim McKinley

If you or your kids are interested in small business, pull up a chair and listen in for some timeless advice from today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest, Jim McKinley. Jim has been in the same family business for over

055 – Creating Excellence with Jim McKinley

This is the podcast where we talk innovation. Today’s guest innovates the old-fashioned way, and I think you are going to like Jim. I don’t normally start my introduction right off this way, but after speaking with Jim, it seemed appropriate.

Small businesses like McWelco are getting more rare these days, but great wisdom is sometimes stored in strange places. Today, Jim McKinley tells us about how they survived 50 years and what he feels are the important values of a strong business and a successful life.

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