Month: September 2015

Innovation and Openness with Lisa Camp

In today’s world, we already have the internet, smartphones, and lots of other cool stuff, but do you ever wonder where the next big idea is going to come from?  We’ll find out what Case Western Reserve University (My alma

054 – Thinking Free with Lisa Camp

How does a small town girl become an associate dean in a college of engineering? Do you have to get a PhD to have an important position in a university? What is ThinkBox, and why should we care about it? Join us as we consider the idea space within universities on today’s podcast.

Our guest today is Lisa Camp. Lisa is the Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives in the Engineering School at Case Western Reserve University. I have a soft spot for Case because it is my alma mater for graduate school, and Lisa shares some of the cool things that are happening at Case and other universities around the country–particularly around makerspaces and the free exchange of ideas. Without further delay, let’s find out more about Lisa.

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Transformational learning with Kristin Barbour

On today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast, I’ll be interviewing guest Kristin Barbour about her work using transformational learning to help kids with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.  We’ll discuss her background and interest in understanding human cognition and its ability

053 – Getting Smarter with Kristin Barbour

Hey there Innovators! Today’s guest will challenge your perspective on the world! According to the late Dr. Reuven Feuerstein,

“The chromosomes do not have the last word!”

Today’s guest is from the National Institute for Learning Development. Kristin Barbour has been working with traumatic brain injury cases for years and now serves as the executive director for NILD. Brace yourself for some unbelievable insights with Kristin on today’s interview.

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052 – Really Living with Kimanzi Constable

How do you escape from the burnout trap? What is the path from merely existing to really living? What will our kids learn from our work habits? Today’s guest is from Hawaii, but not too long ago, he lived in Milwaukee, WI. He was sleeping 4 hours a night as a bread delivery guy and not getting much time with his kids, but now he’s writing and speaking and loving life. How can such a change occur? Let’s find out!

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Living life on your terms with Kimanzi Constable

Are you living life on your terms, doing what you love to do?  If not, are you taking any steps to change what you’re doing?  Kimanzi Constable, today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest and author has been there.  He wasn’t

Asking “Why” with David Seto

Do you ask the question “Why”?  Why is something the way it is or why does something work the way it does?  We’ll discuss the importance of asking “why” and how it relates to learning with today’s Table Top Inventing

051 – Asking Why with David Seto

What is so powerful about the question, Why? Is the path to success a straight road or a crooked and winding path? How is skateboarding related to corporate finance? Today’s interview was recorded on a Sunday from a guest on Monday. How is that possible? Well David Seto is an interesting character, and I connected with him while he was in Hong Kong on Monday which was Sunday afternoon here in California! David has tried everything from law to finance and is now trying his hand at entrepreneurship. He grew up in NYC, and his parents literally owned and operated a “mom and pop” store. Let’s find out how a kid from NYC grew up to be a curious coordinator of corporate finance.

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