Month: June 2015

How to Grow Independent Thinkers with Dr. Yong Zhao

Have you ever fretted over how to encourage your child to think on their own–without needing to be told every single step?  Are you afraid your kids might end up in your basement after high school or college?  As a

041 – Inspiring Independence with Yong Zhao

How do we create young adults that do NOT come back to live in our basements? What is role of parents in creating opportunities for their children? How important is it to hold children accountable for their decisions?

Our guest today is an expert on this subject of independent thinking and student choices in education. Dr. Yong Zhao started his educational career in the unlikeliest of places: the Sichuan province in China in the home of a poor peasant farmer. Let’s follow his journey to independent thinking to find clues for our own children.

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Serving by noticing others with Jared Easley

Have you ever had someone take genuine notice of your hard work and efforts?  It just picks you up doesn’t it?  On today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast, my guest and fellow podcaster Jared Easley shares how the feedback from one

040 – Investing in People with Jared Easley

How does a successful corporate professional at the top of his game recover from a layoff in December? How can buying a bottle of maple syrup be a life-changing experience? Does noticing and helping other people really matter in business? I’m excited, today, to introduce you to Jared Easley. Jared recently suffered a dramatic corporate downsizing incident that left him reeling but managed to silence all the doom and gloom voices that seem to plague us at moments like that. He cites as his inspirational turn around, the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the sincere gratitude of a podcast listener. Let’s find out more about this fascinating story.

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Teaching Monopoly with Tim Vandenberg

You may have used the board game Monopoly to teach your kids about counting money or maybe landownership and rent.  Did you know it can be used as a classroom tool for teaching not just math, but also interpersonal skills,

039 – Monopoly Mania with Tim Vandenberg

Can fooling around, goofing off, and playing help your innovating power? How can you use Monopoly(R) to teach kids better math skills? Is there really a killer strategy for playing Monopoly? Listen in for the playful answers in today’s podcast. Today’s guest knows quite a bit about play. He’s a no-nonsense teacher in some respects because he works with middle schoolers, but on the other hand, he uses the game of Monopoly(R) to teach kids to master their math facts and hone their negotiation skills. Without further adieu, Tim Vandenberg.

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Timeless Tips For Leadership and Parenting with Lee Cockerell

Are you looking for insights on raising that teenage inventor in your life….or maybe some time management tips for yourself?  Join me for some timeless advice on today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast episode with Lee Cockerell.  Lee was the Executive

038 – Leadership with Lee Cockerell

How does a cook in the army learn to become the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World? What is the importance of Role Modeling? How important is having dinner together as a family? For 10 years, Lee Cockerell was directly responsible for the Disney Magic at Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida. Since then he has focused in on great leadership and training another generation of great leaders. Let’s listen in as Lee shares some timeless treasures of leadership.

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