Month: February 2015

Want to be a Riskologist?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What is a Riskologist?”  I wondered that too when I first saw Tyler’s website.  It talks about taking risks, introversion, travel hacking, and more.  We are discussing these topics and more on today’s podcast with Tyler

024 – Riskology With Tyler Tervooren

What happens if you sneak through a police barricade in Russia? How can you find a marathon to run in Antarctica? How does traveling help you solve problems? Don’t miss the answers in today’s podcast! Our guest today on the podcast is a self-declared “Riskologist”. We’ll let Tyler describe what he means by Riskology. By combining travel hacking, introspection, studying introversion and extroversion, he has been helping people understand why traveling expands your ability to solve problems. He explores social psychology and shares research and insights about winning at life, work, and adventure by taking smarter risks. Tyler is the Chief Riskologist at Without further adieu, Tyler Tervooren.

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How To Write A 3D Printer Grant Proposal

Table Top Inventing has received numerous questions and requests from educators on how to write grants for 3D printers.   To help answer your questions and concerns, we’re partnering with professional grant writers and grant specialists to develop an upcoming

023 – Talking Trash with Mike Ghost

What happens to trash once it hops into the trash truck from my garbage can? What is the value of a 4-year education beyond the classes offered? Why would federal investigators show up to a landfill? How do we turn play into learning? Today are talkin’ trash with Mike Ghost! Well, not exactly like that… Today we’ll be talking to a former district manager for Waste Management about what happens to your trash after it leaves the can at the curb. Along the way, we’ll also discover how one man’s journey through high school to college to the workforce and back to college led him to appreciate the value of an education.

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Failure is a good thing

  Believe it or not, failure is actually a good thing! Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  We’ll discuss the importance of failure and more on today’s podcast with Dr.

022 – 3D Printing Heart Valves: J Butcher and D Cheung

How does an embryonic heart form? How exactly does one set about 3D printing a fully human, fully compatible heart valve? How does failure influence innovation? Is there more to a 3D printed heart valve than just the printing?

Today we have an exciting interview with Jonathan Butcher, a research professor at Cornell University, and one of his graduate students, Daniel Cheung. Before we get started I’d like to remind you to share our podcast with your friends and colleagues. The ideas you hear on this podcast will literally change your world and your student’s horizons. We discuss innovation, success, inventing, learning, and other crucial life skills. On today’s show specifically, Jonathan and I discuss the role of failure in learning. We discuss the path to research success. Oh, and we jump head first into the topic of 3D printing heart valves. There was so much to cover that we skipped the inventor secrets in lieu of the great interview.

The Devil in the Details

We’ve all heard the phrase “The devil is in the details.”  If the details are so bad, why are they so important?  Find out the answer and more during today’s podcast with Mark Haapala.  Mark is an Insurance/Reinsurance Consultant who

021 – Mark Haapala and the Devil in the Details

Who exactly are Perspicacity and Perspicuity, and why are they on our podcast? What would make an insurance claims investigator participate in renaissance fairs? If the devil is in the details, why are they so important? What can cause a classroom full of budding mathematicians gape in amazement? Speaking of world change, on the show we have an investigator who pries into the business of large corporations. Now it’s not what you might think, but I’ll let Mark tell you more about what he does.

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Igniting a Revolution – High Tech Citizen Science

[abstract][presentation resources]   Abstract: [dropcap]T[/dropcap]able Top Inventing’s Chief Maker and Resident Mad Scientist, Steve Kurti is delivering an impassioned plea at the 2015 BC Conference on Learning Technologies in Bakersfield, CA, about the importance of maker education as a catalyst for