Month: November 2014

Thanksgiving 3D Printing Project from Table Top Inventing

  Happy Thanksgiving from Table Top Inventing!   Thanksgiving Printing Project     Want to make a cool fall keepsake with your students?  Try this fun 3D printed Acorn Place Card Holder project from!  Just pick your favorite fall

011 – Thanksgiving Episode – Suzie Ama, Cerro Coso Community College

In this week’s episode we have a harrowing tale, a story of honor and duty, and some words for reflection at this time of year. We also interview Suzie Ama, professor of media arts at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, CA. Suzie has some thoughts about lifelong learning and what it means to be educated in a modern world.

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This Week: Thankful for the People!

We are so thankful for the amazing people we’ve met this year! Tune in Thursday for a special episode of the TTI Podcast!  To listen to past episodes, go to or     If you like what you hear,  leave

Table Top Inventing wants to talk to you!

  Join Table Top Inventing for their first TTI Educator’s online chat!     Today at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET, TTI will be holding their first on line chat with the TTI Educator’s Facebook group!  Join Steve, Debby, and other

010 – Gene Sherman, Vocademy

Today’s guest is Gene Sherman from Vocademy – the Makerspace in Riverside, CA. Gene and his tribe of makers mounted a successful crowd funding campaign on, and last year opened their first makerspace in Riverside. Gene loves to make things, and today we’ll find out why he’s so passionate about makerspaces.

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3D Printing Project Ideas with Table Top Inventing!

  3D Printing Project     Check out this cool pencil robot you can make with your students!  Use your 3D printer to make the box, gear, and leg holders.  The electronic components can be found at Radio Shack.  

009 – Justin Lukasavige, Entrepreneur

How can you boost your creativity and innovative potential? How much of a difference is there between simple knowledge transfer and hands-on approaches to education in the real world? What criteria do business professionals use to seek out educational experiences? Listen in today to hear the answers to these burning questions. My guest today is Justin Lukasavige. Justin is an entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant. We asked Justin to discuss the entrepreneur’s view of education, and some of his answers may surprise you.

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Video Interview with Dr. Linda Polin

Video Interview with Dr. Linda Polin       Make sure to check out TTI’s video of Steve’s interview with Dr. Linda Polin as they discuss the current changes in education and technology from last week. Dr. Linda Polin teaches

Granting Writing 101 with Table Top Inventing

  Grant Writing for 3D Printers 101     Sure, it would be nice to have a 3D printer in the classroom, but how to pay for it?  Check out Table Top Inventing’s 3D printer grant writing resource page. You’ll

Design and Process: 3D Printing in the Classroom

After our first earbud holder was printed last week my students really got excited about making their own. It didn’t take long before the 3D printers were up and running, printing several earbud holders at once. This provided many learning

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008 – Linda Polin, Pepperdine University

How can you learn secrets directly from a great inventor? How do we take back education from the dark forces of the universe? How can we help students become who they were meant to be? Stay tuned. On the podcast today, we’re going to reveal the answers to these and other questions. Today, Linda Polin and I will talk about taking back education from the forces that have corrupted it. Some of her answers may surprise you.

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