Month: July 2014

Summer Science Projects: Blinky Lights Project

This easy project will teach your student about simple circuits and how they work….add some pipe cleaners and there’s no telling what creatures they will come up with!  Supplies 1 Fast LED 1 Slow LED 1 Coin Cell Battery Pipe

July 2014 Newsletter

Table Top Inventing is on the road this summer bringing the Inventor’s Bootcamp to a city near you!  So far we’ve been in Hesperia CA, Chattanooga TN, and Atlanta GA.  Along the way we’ve been checking out historical sites like

Inventor’s Bootcamp Road Trip Update

Table Top Inventing is on a huge adventure this summer with our coast to coast (almost) Inventor’s Bootcamp road trip!  We’re taking 2 adults, 6 kids, some fantastic helpers, and our trusty “Maker Mobile” from California to North Carolina and

Chattanooga Inventor’s Bootcamp Wrap Up

Chattanooga Inventor’s Bootcamp Wrap Up   The Inventor’s Bootcamp in Chattanooga, TN this week was incredible!  Both students and educators enjoyed getting creative with Project 5S. AJ (aka FoamBoardRC) stopped by to help the kids with some Arduino programming. He

Table Top Inventing is “Making Sense of Maker Ed” at the ISTE 2014

“Making Sense Of Maker Ed” at ISTE 2014 Debby’s Monday poster session on “Making sense of Maker Ed” at the ISTE 2014 was a huge hit!  Debby chatted with participants about the STEAM education process and how having students plan