Month: May 2014

How the Maker Movement is Transforming Education – a We Are Teachers Special Report

The latest “Hot Topic” on the We Are Teachers website is: How the Maker Movement is Transforming Education, a Special Report written by us! This report has resources, links, and a summary of why educators should be aware of the Maker Movement. It also

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What if… those instructions aren’t so helpful?

My last post linked to a video showing Dr. Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University showcasing the research going on in his department regarding how making becomes learning. The next question is what to do when faced with early research? Do we just

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Small Victories

My students are making great progress with Interactive Whiteboard Markers. They have successfully overcome two obstacles that were slowing down progress. The first one may have been the most satisfying for them to accomplish. The original file that we downloaded

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Video – New Research Seeks to Find Out How Making Becomes Learning

One of the questions we consistently get in our sessions and workshops is about assessment. How do we know what kids are learning if there is no written test? Is this maker stuff more than just a new fad? While

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Maker Educators – We need your help at the Maker Playground @ ISTE 2014

At the upcoming 2014 ISTE Conference in Atlanta, the Independent School Special Interest Group (SIG-IS) is organizing one of the many playgrounds that will be at the conference. Our playground, Maker Playground and Agile Learning Spaces will be held on the last day