Month: April 2014

Education Eavesdrop: Why School Leaders Should Know About the Maker Movement

This is the video archive of a webinar hosted by Atomic Learning as part of a series called, “Education Eavesdrop”. Atomic Learning chatted with me about my passion for learning through the Maker Movement: what it is, what it looks like

Project 5S
Challenge Accepted!

Are you a little bit competitive? Do you like gadgets and computers? Are you hoping this summer won’t be boring? You have just stumbled onto the rabbit hole. Wanna find out how deep it goes? Go ahead! Jump! This summer your

Wonder Wednesday – Rubens’ Tube

I am very easily entertained, but every once in a while I come across something fantastic that I just have to share.  In physics we like to talk about waves and a fascinating way to use sine and cosine waves known

Authentic Learning

This week I had two parents tell me at different times that they were very happy with what I was doing in class. The first parent called and left a message. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a parent call

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Podcast – What Are the Basics Every Teacher Should Know About the Maker Movement?

I did an interview with Larry Ferlazzo along with Tanya Baker from The National Writing Project. The podcast is 9 minutes long. What Are the Basics Every Teacher Should Know About the Maker Movement? The Maker Movement is part of

TTI Mission: Change the World – One Kid at a Time!

Every once in a while, you come across something that makes you stop and think… As I watched this video as few years ago, I knew without a doubt what we are doing here at Innovation Academy is more than

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Scientific Sunday: Flying Turbines

When I saw the article claiming flying wind turbines I just had to look. How do they stay aloft? Why would you want to use these? Where is the best place to use them? These are all questions I had

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It has been a couple of weeks since I have attended the Annual CUE conference, and I’m finally having the time to process all of the learning that occurred. This was my first experience with the CUE conference, and my

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Making Your Own FabLab: CUE-ing Up Momentum

Attending the annual CUE (Computer Using Educators) Conference is always an inspiration to me. I always walk away ready to try new things with my community.  This year’s conference was no exception. I connected with a lot of great people

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Educating Makers: The First Step to Revolutionary Change

MediaBistro invited us to come out to their Inside 3D Printing conference in NYC last week. This particular conference had a large contingent from the investor side of 3D printing as well as a good showing from local artists and

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Wonder Wednesday: The Anatomy of a Rubik’s Cube

Lots of people see and play with Rubik’s cube everyday, but how does a Rubik’s cube actually work?A Rubik’s cube is a series of cubes that connect to a rotating center, a thin pole runs along each axis (x, y,

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Wonder Wednesday: Transparent Skins and Colorful Bones [aka Fishy Business]

When Dr. Adam Summers set about clearing and staining gobies, stingrays, and sharks he was shown the beauty of each fish’s unique form. Clearing and Staining allows humans to see the special shape of different specimens and thus learn their

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Towards 3D Printed Tools: Crayon Rubbing Toy

Lately, spurred by Dr. Gary Stager’s prompt “…and then?“, I have been thinking about 3D printing and its role in K-5 education. After the initial novelty of downloading and printing models that others have made wears off, hopefully the teacher

A Trend Worth Watching – The Maker Movement [ON-CUE Winter 2013]

The Maker Movement is a technological and creative revolution underway around the world that celebrates using technology to make, repair, and customize the things we need. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children alike are frequenting Maker Faires, hackerspaces, and

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An Arduino Monsterbot

I know a fun project when I see one! I came across this Monsterbot on MAKE Magazine this week and am definitely adding it to my “Things to Make” file. You need the following items:  Hot Pink Faux Fur Purple

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