Year: 2014

Happy Holidays from Table Top Inventing!

  Happy Holidays from Table Top Inventing!   Dear Friends,   The crew at Table Top Inventing is so excited that the holidays are finally here!  To celebrate, we have 2 fun podcasts coming up and some special 3D prints

015 – Top Fuel Science with Liz Heinecke

How exactly does an artist find their way into Bacteriology? How are gratitude and Top Fuel dragsters related? What truly drives us at Table Top Inventing? What is the difference between useful and meaningful information? Here today to talk about science, curiosity, and creativity is our guest Liz Heinecke, the Kitchen Pantry Scientist.

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Holiday Ideas from Table Top Inventing

    Wow!  Can you believe the holidays are almost here?  If you’re like Debby and I, you’re busy with all of those last minute, end of the year details, while trying to figure out what to get for all

014 – High Voltage Learning with Josh Stumpenhorst

How does a classroom Knucklehead become the Teacher of the Year? From the perspective of a statewide Teacher of the Year, what skills create the best teachers? What is the relationship between Teaching and Learning? What lessons can a teenager learn from 100,000 volts?! Do small children really make the best scientists? Listen in to today’s podcast to learn the answers to these and other fascinating questions.

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Math In 3 Dimensions with Table Top Inventing

    Hey TTI Family,   Hope you are having a great week!  I just wanted to share some math insights with you….. and let you know how awesome you guys are!     Debby just wrote a great post about

013 – Fire, History, STEM, and Geoff Wiggs

How does one start as a computer programmer and end up as a lawyer? How is a deeper perspective on history related to Maker Education? What is the difference between seeing the Mona Lisa on a website and seeing it in the Louvre? Our guest this week, Geoff Wiggs, has a few things to say about that. I also have a little bit of a “Don’t try this at home” story in the Great Inventor’s Secrets section. This is an official listener advisory message: Today’s podcast is not for the faint of heart. The material is top-notch, but prepare your sensibilities.

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Math – in Three Dimensions!

I came across an article this morning that made me wish 3D printing had been around when I was in school. I always loved algebra with it’s step by step, linear thinking. That worked well for me. When I got

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Bringing 3D Printing into the Classroom with Table Top Inventing

  Intro to 3D Printing for Education     Are you new to maker education?  Wondering how to incorporate 3D printing into your classroom in 2015?  Check out TTI’s Intro to 3D Printing for Education Resource page.  You’ll find a

012 – Cowboys, Innovators, and Ian Roy

Our guest this week is Ian Roy. Ian is deeply involved establishing a makerspace on the campus of Brandeis University. They are about six months into their odyssey and are having a great time. Their first serious project has been with the E-nabling The Future mission to 3D print prosthetic hands for those who need them. He is also the research technology project lead and helps with odd work-flow analysis issues. In the great inventor secrets this week we talk about cowboys and innovation. Come find out the connection!

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Thanksgiving 3D Printing Project from Table Top Inventing

  Happy Thanksgiving from Table Top Inventing!   Thanksgiving Printing Project     Want to make a cool fall keepsake with your students?  Try this fun 3D printed Acorn Place Card Holder project from!  Just pick your favorite fall

011 – Thanksgiving Episode – Suzie Ama, Cerro Coso Community College

In this week’s episode we have a harrowing tale, a story of honor and duty, and some words for reflection at this time of year. We also interview Suzie Ama, professor of media arts at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, CA. Suzie has some thoughts about lifelong learning and what it means to be educated in a modern world.

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This Week: Thankful for the People!

We are so thankful for the amazing people we’ve met this year! Tune in Thursday for a special episode of the TTI Podcast!  To listen to past episodes, go to or     If you like what you hear,  leave

Table Top Inventing wants to talk to you!

  Join Table Top Inventing for their first TTI Educator’s online chat!     Today at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET, TTI will be holding their first on line chat with the TTI Educator’s Facebook group!  Join Steve, Debby, and other

010 – Gene Sherman, Vocademy

Today’s guest is Gene Sherman from Vocademy – the Makerspace in Riverside, CA. Gene and his tribe of makers mounted a successful crowd funding campaign on, and last year opened their first makerspace in Riverside. Gene loves to make things, and today we’ll find out why he’s so passionate about makerspaces.

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3D Printing Project Ideas with Table Top Inventing!

  3D Printing Project     Check out this cool pencil robot you can make with your students!  Use your 3D printer to make the box, gear, and leg holders.  The electronic components can be found at Radio Shack.