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Just a Minute, My Brain is on Fire!

A few weeks ago we finished our first Inventor Camp of the year.  The first Inventor Camp of the year is always a little intense.   I’m guilty of raising the level of the challenge yet again.  Last year, we

The Evils of Kits and Step-by-step Instructions?

I like things to be ideal.  In fact, my most dreaded fear in the universe is a set missing one item.   Ok, I admit it.   I’m a little OCD.   But some things in life suffer from too

Follow Your Passion? Think Again!

I don’t like being told what to do…   But have you ever tried something just because you were told to try it?   Yeah, my mom told me just to try my asparagus.  It looked about as appetizing as

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Do we want Hoop Jumpers or Risk Takers?

Nothing compares to the first time you take the wheel of a car and feel the power and responsibility.   I was about 8.  My dad and I were driving in his blue Ford F-150 pickup truck.  He pulled over

The Truth about Avoiding Regret

Regret has a powerful pull.   They say one of the strongest feelings experienced as we get older is the regret of not trying something when we were younger.  What stops us from giving those opportunities a try?   Fear of

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