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Good SAT scores are the key to success, right? Not Really!

If you are concerned about how to prepare your teenager for the harsh realities of life after high school, you are not alone.  There’s test prep.  Keeping up the grades.  Extracurricular activities.  And somewhere, a social life.   Yet studies

Think teens only know how to work an iPhone? Watch This!

These are candid videos of teens caught doing amazing things during Engineering Camp.  Listen to these students describing what they have been doing.  Lots of experimentation.  Lots of learning.     These guys built the world’s coolest “Hello World” program:

8 Startling Truths about Teens

One night not too long ago your dear, sweet child went to sleep in their safe little bed.  But during the night the Teenager Fairy flew in the window and sprinkled pixie dust around the room.  In the morning your radiant

Innovation and Openness with Lisa Camp

In today’s world, we already have the internet, smartphones, and lots of other cool stuff, but do you ever wonder where the next big idea is going to come from?  We’ll find out what Case Western Reserve University (My alma

Simple Fall Science Activity from Table Top Inventing!

Simple Fall Science Activity   Green Monster Slime! Add some gooey, gross, green monster slime to your Halloween this year!  All you need are these 4 ingredients and a little science to whip up a batch.  Elmer’s white glue- 1/2

Don’t miss Dan Miller this week on the Table Top Inventing Podcast!

  Strategy for an Educational Revolution – Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo This week, the Table Top Inventing Crew has been spreading the word about maker education at the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, CA. 

Chattanooga Inventor’s Bootcamp Wrap Up

Chattanooga Inventor’s Bootcamp Wrap Up   The Inventor’s Bootcamp in Chattanooga, TN this week was incredible!  Both students and educators enjoyed getting creative with Project 5S. AJ (aka FoamBoardRC) stopped by to help the kids with some Arduino programming. He

A Treasure Trove and a Redesign

The last couple of weeks have dragged on with our interactive whiteboard marker. We have had a week off of school and have been stuck getting our design to print 100% the way we want it to. We’ve tried a

Working Prototypes

An Altoid tin makes a good interactive whiteboard marker. At last we have a working prototype. It may not look like we intended, but it works. After all this research and design I thought it would be a good idea

Small Victories

My students are making great progress with Interactive Whiteboard Markers. They have successfully overcome two obstacles that were slowing down progress. The first one may have been the most satisfying for them to accomplish. The original file that we downloaded

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A Trend Worth Watching – The Maker Movement [ON-CUE Winter 2013]

The Maker Movement is a technological and creative revolution underway around the world that celebrates using technology to make, repair, and customize the things we need. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children alike are frequenting Maker Faires, hackerspaces, and

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Students creating the future

Students at the Renbrook School in West Hartford, CT have been in the news.  We first met teachers Jean and Jay last fall after a friend of mine introduced us.  After a couple of discussions over an internet video connection,